About i-frt Freight Management System

GBS is a leading offshore software development company based in India, focusing on providing ready to deploy business solutions for Logistics Industry especially Freight Forwarding Industry. 

The product development is handled by a team having expertise and excellent exposure to international projects. We are mainly providing full fledged web based solutions for the freight forwarding industry. We have solutions for Air, Sea and Land Cargo management, Warehouse Management, & NVOCC We acquired the domain expertise through years of research and from our strategic partnerships with consultants and professionals within the industry. Our web based accounting package can be integrated with any business module and is our specialised product.


i-frt will help you to increase the Sales minimum of 30-35% by measuring & managing your sales results Daily alerts for everyday appointments and no chance to miss any meetings

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There is provision automatic Job/File Numbering And also manual Numbering. The system has got the facility to assign Jobs to different CHA Agents and can track the status of assigned jobs

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The Job will be created for each MBL . There is provision for entering the containers and HBL included in one MBL and also all the relevant shippers and consignees in multiple HBLs .

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Air Freight


 There is provision automatic Job/File Numbering And also manual Numbering. The system has got the facility to assign Jobs to different CHA Agents and can track the status of assigned jobs

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Air Freight


The Job will be created for each MAWB . There is provision for entering the containers and HAWB included in one MAWB and also all the relevant shippers and consignees in the HAWB .

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Shipment Booking, Job creation , Way Bill Printing , Manifest Creation

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 Separate Client Login interface and tracking the cargo sent for the regular clients
Cargo Tracking based on container number , Invoice Number , Way Bill/BL No,Invoice,MIS

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A complete Accounting Solution which can be integrated with other systems

Need of a   cloud based Freight Management System

The Freight Management System is the complete solution for any transport business. By automating processes, Freight management system  improves your company’s communication and productivity. reduces data entry. helps to eliminate errors.   In the present scenario of freight forwarding business ,without Freight Management system,survival will be very difficult

Logistics software

As  the freight forwarding is one of the most important area of Logistics industry , Cloud based logistics software are having very high demand . Selecting the right logistics software for frieght forwarding business management is a great challenge . Our cloud based logistics software for freight forwarding business management is very economical and effective .

i-frt freight forwarding software

Freight forwarders used cloud based  i-frt freight forwarding software for managing the customer relation, sales for generating quotation . i-frt freight forwarding system help the freight forwarders to track
the leads , sales conversions etc which help to improve the sales . i-frt freight forwarding software has an integrated CRM that will look after all the sales & marketing activities of the company .

i-frt technology Advantage

As the technology plays a major role in managing the freight forwarding business , i-frt system is developed in PHP m MySQL opensource which is very effective and economical


“Greeting from Space International Air travels Pvt. Ltd”

“Its great pleasure to use i-frt Freight Forwarding software since last 4 years, while using this software we can very easy to retrieve our whole data’s and report very easily and monitoring the entire activities in a single click.

Thank you for providing good software facility in freight forwarding industry.”


“We are successfully using i-frt Freight Forwarding software for the last 7 years . After the implementation the time taken for the documentation especially processing the Air Way Bill has drastically come down . With the existing man power ,on using i-frt, I am able to do business documentation very fast.(say almost half the time is required compared with manual process ) . i-frt saves our overhead cost and can do our operations much faster and easier way without any human error. We have increased our customer satisfactions and also profits after using i-frt .All the best for i-frt team who gives excellent support on any needs”.


Reasons for choosing i-frt Freight Forwarding Software

user friendly logistics software

User Friendly Interface

Truly Web Based

Best in class Training & Support

Economical & Cost Effective

Online Track & Trace

Flexible Licencing Models

Unique Accounting Module

Integration With other Systems

Secured Hosting

Business Benefits of i-frt Freight Forwarding software

  • Modernise your global logistics and make your delivery pipeline much more robust and efficient 
  • Duplication of data entry can be avoided
  • Cuts time spend in the delivery pipeline
  • Shipper & Consignee can deal business very easily, effectively & economically
  • Cuts Operation Cost
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction
  • Preparation of HBL/MBL/HAWB/MAWB can be tripled
  • Overhead cost can be minimised up to 50%
  • Business can be doubled with existing employees
  • Almost ‘NIL’ paperwork
  • Instant Status Tracking
  • User-friendly Interfaces
  • Very easy to train employeesLower employee stress-level
  • Latest Technology
  • Staff training team
  • Dedicated team for updating and maintenance
  • Always updating to new technology
  • Research & Development team to do domain & technology update
  • Standard Rates and Tariff available in finger tips
  • Extensive MIS Reports
  • Full-fledged Accounting System 

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