Selecting a software solution is a major decision that will have long-term effects on how your teams and processes function. Having the right expertise available can make a huge difference to the benefits it delivers. i-frt CRM - feel the difference

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10 Reasons for choosing i-frt

● User-friendly interface and navigation - Considering the nature of freight forwarding Industry executives with extremely busy and tight schedule, i-frt is simple to learn because of its user friendly interface and ease of navigation.

● Truly Web based - i-frt is a web based solution and so accessible from any part of the world during your business trips, holidays etc. Our approach is to give you access to your freight data through our software round the clock, across the globe.

● Best in class Training and Support - We have a team of highly qualified and trained professionals who can give the best training for you in i-frt system to make your team understand the system with minimum effort and time. We routinely engage with customers to understand them better and provide the best support.

● Try before you buy - We will set up a 30 day trial run for you with a full-fledged version of the software with free technical support before you sign EULA with us.

● Unique customized solution - I-frt is easily customizable and we can deliver a personalized version for you that totally adheres to your process and procedure in your organization.

● Online track & trace - Through i-frt , your customers can track the instant status of their cargo by logging-in into the client interface.

● Flexible Licensing – We provide different pricing models to choose from: One time purchase, Limited perpetual licensing, Annual Subscription, Software as a Service , Pay on Usage. The choice of licensing drives down ownership costs while greatly enhancing efficiencies.

● Integration with other systems – i-frt can be very easily integrated with other systems.

● Unique Accounting module – i-frt has a unique accounting module customised as per the requirements of Logistics Industry.

● Secure Hosting - i-frt is hosted on the most secured servers in the world with high speed and best connectivity.


Pay On Usage Model
30 INR/India
Each Job/Invoice
  • India - 30 INR
  • Middle East - 3 AED
  • Other Countries- 1 USD
Annual Subscription Model
20,000 INR/India
Per User
  • India - 20,000 INR
  • Middle East - 2500 AED
  • Other Countries -900 USD
Perpetual License
60,000 INR/India
Per User
  • India - 60,000 INR
  • Middle East - 7500 AED
  • Other Countries -2700 USD
Installation on Own Server
50 Lakhs INR/India
Installation on Own Server
  • India - 50 Lakhs INR
  • Middle East & Other Countries - 125000 USD
  • Conditions apply
  • Setup and training cost extra


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Some of our Clients

What our Clients Says

I have gonethrough your Demo given at our office. The software what you have done with respect to my knowledge is good and hope its definitely will work with respect to this type of Industry.

Ranga Mahesh .P Manager Finance- Omegha Global Logistics Pvt Ltd,

We have seen the demo of i-frt cargo software. i-frt is having most of the features and MIS reports which we are looking for.

Sivasubramanian.E.C Manager- EDP Modern Cargo –Mumbai

"We are successfully using i-frt software for the last 7 years . After the implementation the time taken for the documentation especially processing the Air Way Bill has drastically come down . With the existing man power ,on using i-frt, I am able to do business documentation very fast . (say almost half the time is required compared with manual process ) . i-frt saves our overhead cost and can do our operations much faster and easier way without any human error. We have increased our customer satisfactions and also profits after using i-frt .All the best for i-frt team who gives excellent support on any needs".

Salim ( Manager) - Rapid Freight - Cochin

Business Benefits

• Modernize your global logistics and make your delivery pipeline much more robust and efficient
• Duplication of data entry can be avoided
• Cuts time spend in the delivery pipeline
• Shipper & Consignee can deal business very easily, effectively & economically
• Cuts Operation Cost
• Improves Customer Satisfaction
• Preparation of HBL/MBL/HAWB/MAWB can be tripled
• Overhead cost can be minimized up to 50%
• Number of employees can be minimized or business can be doubled with existing employees
• Almost ‘NIL’ paperwork

• Instant Status Tracking
• User-friendly Interfaces
• Very easy to train employees
• Lower employee stress-level
• Latest Technology
• Staff training team
• Dedicated team for updating and maintenance
• Always updating to new technology
• Research & Development team to do domain & technology update
• Standard Rates and Tariff available in finger tips
• Extensive MIS Reports
• Full-fledged Accounting System 22