crm software

CRM Benefits

i-frt will help you to increase the Sales minimum of 30-35% by measuring & managing your sales results Daily alerts for everyday appointments and no chance to miss any meetings Helping management to make best quotation based on system generated reports.

All the rates can be set in the system and can sent an instant quote to the customer .Can customise a quote as per the client’s needs and business terms based on the general quotation. Can set monthly targets for branches , sectors , destinations , sales executive and system will generate the comparison of actual and budgeted sales. Sales head can assign jobs to the Sales Managers/Executives and can track the results.

  • Master Creation ( Customer,Shipper,Consignee, Counter part , Air line , Line, Currency, Port , Co Loader)

  • Prospect , lead , Opportunity

  • Expected Business Volume

  • Daily calls and tracks

  • Enquiry

  • Purchase Rate , Sell Rate masters

  • Quotation Status ( new,pending , accepted , rejected)

  • Cost sheet

  • Daily Appointments and Follow Ups

  • General Quotation

  • Shipper Quotation

  • Budget ( Branch-wise, Shipper-wise, Consignee-wise, Sales Exe-wise)